Primark’s Master Eye Palette๐Ÿ‘€

I’m so excited to share my review of the Master Eye Palette by Primark, I’ve seen some amazing swatches online and I had to get my hands on the palette to see what all the hype was about ๐Ÿ˜Š. 

The palette retails at just ยฃ6 and inside there is a mix of  12 matte and shimmer shades. 

I love the mix of the brown and burgundy shades as I think this palette will be perfect for the fall season.

Here is my swatch:

I feel like my photo of my swatches doesn’t do the palette great justice but I can promise that these shades are so pigmented, I’m seriously shook! The formula has a lovely creamy powder feel and I didn’t need to use any Primer to make it anymore pigmented.

Overall with this palette I really don’t think you can go wrong, the price point is fantastic and you really are getting great value for your money. Also, the quality of the eyeshadows are so good and I think this palette could be a real contender for the high end brands. I’m defiantly going to purchase more of Primark’s makeup as I’m so impressed so far. 



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