❤️ Palmers Skincare ❤️

Now the cold weather is drawing in it is so important to look after your skin! I normally find as soon as the weather gets colder my skin becomes so dry and my foundation never seems to apply nicely. 

So I was super grateful to receive some lovely skincare goodies from Palmers.  I received the following:

  • Moisturising Day Cream RRP £7.99
  • Enzyme Mask RRP £5.49
  • Night Cream RRP £7.99

I don’t usually use a day cream but like I said earlier now the weather is colder I think it was about time I treated my skin! 

I was so impressed with the Enzyme face mask as it really exfoliated my skin and my face immediately looked more bright and clear. After using the face mask I then applied the day cream and it smelt soooo LUSH 😍🙌🏻! The moisturising day cream didn’t leave my skin feeling oily and it really sunk in nicely. Also I’m totally sold on the night cream as I felt it gave my skin a lovely protective barrier over night and the next morning my skin felt so soft.

Since using the palmers skincare range for a while now I have noticed a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin check out how clear and bright it looks now:

I think in order to get great results it’s important to use one skincare brand as all the products in this range really compliment each other. I think the price point is perfect. I’ve used more expensive brands and not even achieved the great results like I have with Palmers so this is literally my new favourite skincare brand!



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