Magnitone-Blending Brush 

Recently Magnitone launched a vibra-sonic makeup blending brush which aims to flawlessly blend your makeup whilst stimulating your skin for a more natural look and a healthier finish. 

The BlendUp glides over your skin with over 250 Vibra-Sonic™ movements p/sec to give you the most natural and airbrushed effect. The brush retails at a hefty £70 but I was able to purchase this for just £20 as a special offer from Magnitone.

You can choose  to purchase the brush in either black or white and there are several different size brushes you can purchase for £20 each. 

When I opened up the box I thought the brush looked very classy and it didn’t come feeling cheap either. I think the complimentary brush you get with the blender is a reasonable size but I personally would’ve preferred it to be a bit bigger but it’s so soft which is a bonus.

I was so excited to try the brush out but I’m afraid I was bitterly disappointed, I found the speed of the brush didn’t really do much when applying my foundation. Also, the brush didn’t seem to apply my foundation evenly and I had to keep using more foundation.

Overall I don’t think the brush is worth £70 I think it’s far too much money and I’m glad I only ended up paying £20. However I think the whole concept behind the blending brush is unique but personally it’s not for me. Maybe this brush would be better with powder based products and maybe if the brush was bigger too then it might have applied my foundation more evenly.



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