🍁Kylie Cosmetics-Fall Collection 2017🍁

Recently Kylie hit us yet again with some more products being her new Fall collection. The range consisted of:

  • Five new lipkits which are Wicked, Autumn, Hazel, Butternut and Libra 
  • One new ultra glow called Wisteria. Kylie also re-brought out her three summer ultra glows and all that is different is the packaging.
  • The Purple Palette (eyeshadow)

I only ended up purchasing Autumn, Wicked and Wisteria. As nothing really stood out for me and I’m waiting to see some of The Purple Palette swatches before I commit to buying one as I really didn’t rate Kylie’s last eyeshadow palette All I Want

However I will give Kylie credit for her packaging as she is always changing it up and I do like her style. I think the matte black packaging is perfect for fall and I think it really helps the lips on the lipkit boxes stand out more. 

I really like Wisteria (the ultra glow) as it is a beautiful soft shimmering lavender and it will leave you sparkling for days πŸ’œ. However the only con to the ultra glows is that they don’t seem to stay on very well and they can soon rub off your face so be careful where you put your hands πŸ˜‚. Here is a closer look at Wisteria and my swatch down below:

Next up are my two new lipkits which are:

  • Autumn- this is a beautiful terricota rose and it’s literally my favourite shade out of the collection. Also I believe this is the only product that has sold out on Kylie’s new Fall range so keep yours eyes peeled for a restock!

  • Wicked- this is a very deep violet shade and it’s seriously giving me all my Fall season feels πŸ˜‚. It’s very pigmented (just be warned this will stain your lips) and bang on trend as purples seem to be the in colour for this fall/winter.

Overall I’m happy with what I purchased from the new collection and I’m defiantly looking to get Hazel now as I’ve seen some pretty lip swatches 😍.

Let me know what you think of Kylie’s Fall collection 😘.



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