⭐️ The Star Family Collection⭐️ 

When Jeffree Star dropped his family collection I was super shook and I knew I would need this in my life. However when it came down to the reveal I wasn’t keen on a lot of the liquid lipsticks and I was so glad they were available to purchase singularly. 

I purchased two liquid lipsticks which were Nathan and Delicious as well the lip scrub in Pancakes & Syrup.

Here are my lip swatches:

  • Delicious- this is a mauve chocolate brown and this shade was inspired by Jeffree’s dog called Delicious who had this colour fur when he was a puppy 🐶.  I’m not a huge lover of this shade it came up so dark on me and I felt like it kind of washed me out.

  • Nathan- this is a peachy terracotta nude and I’m literally in love. The shade was inspired by Jeffree’s boyfriend Nathan and this is literally my all time favourite shade in Jeffree’s whole collection.

I love love love the new lip scrub in Pancakes & Syrup 😍🙌🏻.

It’s smells so delicious I wish I could eat the whole thing 😂. The scrub applies so nice on the lips and soon dissolves leaving you the softest lips possible, I’m seriously hooked!



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