Pucker Up With Dr.PawPaw πŸ’‹

Last week I was delighted to open up my mail and receive a gorgeous tinted lip balm from Dr.PawPaw πŸ˜πŸ’‹. The lip balm retails for Β£6.95 and you get 25ml of product inside the tube.

Now the cold winter has arrived it’s time to put those drying lipsticks away and reach for the moisturising ones instead. It’s so important to take extra care of your lips during the cold season as they tend to get really dry and chapped. 
Before applying the lip balm I ensured my lips were completely clean and free from any previous lipstick by using Jeffree Stars lip scrub. I then applied the lip balm and viola check out my results below:

What I love about the tinted lip balm is that t really helped moisturise my lips as well as giving them a gorgeous red rose tint. I think the tint is great for those who want a colour and hydrated lips too. The lip balm can also be applied to your cheeks to give you a nice pop of colour but I’m yet to try it out on my face.

Overall I really recommend this lip balm as it does exactly what it says on the box and more. I think if you want to keep your lips in top condition this winter then you’ll need this little gem to give you luscious lips πŸ‘„.



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