Girlfriend by Huda Beauty 👄

For a while now I’ve wanted to try a lipstick from Huda Beauty’s like and I’m so excited I’ve finally taken the plunge and got one 😁.

I ordered the shade Girlfriend which is a light apricot nude and it’s literally now a firm favourite in my lipstick collection.  

Here is my lip swatch:

The lipstick smells gorgeous and reminds me of the drink Malibu 😂🙈, although if I’m honest I found this lipstick (even though it’s matte) to be very transferable which is a shame because I love this shade 😩. Other then that I can’t fault this lipstick it is also quite hydrating on your lips too! 

  I really want to try out Huda Beauty’s new lip strobes, has anyone tried them yet if so I would love to know your thoughts on them :).



Oxygenetix- The Worlds Most Breathable Foundation 😍👌🏼

I was lucky enough to sample the Oxygenetix Foundation which I received from EBWPR, the foundation retails at £45 and is available in 14 shades.

Oxygenetix foundation contains skin loving ingredients and it’s main key benefits being:

  • Stays on all day so no need to reapply.
  • Sleeping in the foundation doesn’t aggravate your skin.
  • Contains SPF25 UVA/UVB protection.
  • Doesn’t smudge or clog your pores as well as being 13 times more transfer resistant then other makeup brands.
  • Water-resistant which makes it ideal beach make-up

The foundation itself is oil and fragrance free which is good as there are some foundations on the market that contains horrible ingredients which ruins your skin in the long run.


I usually wear Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation in the shade 3.25 which is an exact match to my skin and EBWPR managed to work out my shade for the Oxgenetix foundation which ended being the shade Creme.

When I first applied the foundation I felt that it was too orange and it didn’t match my skin tone at all but I’ll be the first to say I was so wrong! 

The foundation itself applied so well and after I used my beauty blender I was amazed with my results, my skin felt so smooth and I had such high coverage. I felt as if I wasn’t even wearing any foundation and my skin has been perfect since using this brand. Check out my results below:

I’m so thrilled with this foundation, I can’t stop using it! As soon as I run out I will defiantly be stocking up on this beauty! This is a must have foundation in anyone’s makeup bag! 



Pucker Up 👄

Recently I was sent some lovely samples from Yesto which is a brand that sells natural products. I received a two step lip kit which is aimed to hydrate and plump your lips naturally 😍👄 

The two step process is really simple to follow and I’m really pleased with my results. To start off you need to apply the lip scrub which literally smells delicious to your lips, work the product in then rinse off with water. Next dry your lips and apply the lip mask you must leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes in order for the product to work. I didn’t get any weird sensations in the whole duration the mask was on my lips.

After I’d taken the mask off my lisp were so smooth and they looked so plumped!! After s few days I was so impressed that my lips were so hydrated and soft still, this lip mask will be defiantly used on a weekly basis for me now! Here are my results:




✨ Dandelion Twinkle ✨ 

As all my readers know I love my highlighters and I couldn’t resist Dandelion Twinkle by Benefit Cosmetics. 

Dandelion Twine offers you a soft buildable glow and it’s a lovely shimmery pale pink. Check out my swatch below:

Overall I woud give this highlighter a 6/10 as I likke my highlighter to glow from space and for me this just wasn’t enough. The formula to me felt a bit chalky and I don’t like the fact I had to dig in several times in order to get little pigment.



👄🍇 Grape Soda 🍇👄

Kylie Cosmetics has expanded her Velvet lip kit range and has now  launched three more shades called:

  • Poison Berry
  • Grape Soda 
  • Strawberry Cream

I loved all the shades but I couldn’t justify buying  Strawberry Cream or Posion Berry because I have so many lipsticks either identical or very similar to those shades. I ended up just getting Grape Soda and I’m literally in love 😍.

I’m so impressed this time round with Kylie’s shipping time as I received my lipstick in under a week which is great considering international shipping  can sometimes take up to 21 days to arrive 😬!

Anyway here is my lip swatch of Grape Soda 🍇:

Grape Soda is a light purple with a cool grey undertone to it, the formula for the Velvet lipkits are amazing as they are so pigmented and you defiantly get a gorgeous matte looking lip with a creamy formula so no more drying lips! 

As far as I’m  aware the three new shades are still available on Kylie Cosmetics and I defiantly think they need to be in anyone’s makeup bag. I probably will end up getting the other two shades at a later date because I’m a massive lipstick junkie 🙈. 

Although I’ve just purchased Kylie’s second collaboration with Khloe and I’m super excited to swatch and dive into the second collaboration so keep your eyes peeled 😘.



3D Highlight by Huda Beauty

I’m so excited to share my review of the 3D Highlight palette by Huda Beauty. This is the first product I have purchased from Huda’s range and I can’t wait to try out some of her other stuff.

There are two types different highlighter palettes called:

  • The Pink Sands
  • The Golden Sands

The highlighter palette consists of four creamy buttery shades that will defiantly make your best features stand out with a 3D effect. 

    As you can see the shades are so pretty and they are very pigmented check out my swatch below:

    I’m so impressed with the highlighter palette and I love my results from it! The shades were super easy to apply but in order to really get pigmentation you need to take off the first layer from each shade. The palette gave me a flawless finish with a stunning 3D effect, check it out below:




    KKW x Kylie Cosmetics 👄

    Finally my creme lipsticks from KKW x Kylie Cosmetics has arrived and it feels like I’ve been waiting a life time for them to appear 😭!! 

    Anyhow I’m totally smitten with them I love the packaging it’s so matte and it’s feels so luxurious 😍.  

    The KKW collection contains some of the most beautiful nude shades I have ever seen on the makeup market and offers a sheer -medium coverage which you can keep building up to reach your desired look.  The  set contains four creme lipsticks which are:

    • Kimberly- this is what I class as a “true nude” and has a pinky beige undertone.

    • Kim- this is more of a peachy nude and is lighter  compared to the other shades.

    • Kiki- this is a pinky nude and almost has a coral undertone to it. However this is one of my favourite shades out of the collection.

    • Kimmie- This is the darkest shade out of the collection and it is what I would class as a dark nude. 

    Overall I love the shades as who doesn’t love a great nude lipstick but if you are looking for something long wear then these creme lipsticks aren’t for you. Another grumble for this formula is that because they are quite sheer you have to at least put on two layers of the lipstick to get even coverage.

     Plus they transfer so easily but then again they aren’t a matte lipstick so what do you expect. However, one positive about the formula is that I found them to be quite hydrating on my lips which is nice because I wear mattes I often get dry lips.