πŸ’•Skinny Dip πŸ’•

I’m seriously kicking myself as I was going through my eyeshadow palettes the other day and I realised I hadn’t posted about Jouer’s Skinny Dip palette which I’ve had for a couple of months now! 

The pallete contains six seriously pigmented foil shades and in my opinion are completely stunning. The outer packaging is super cute and I love how sleek it all feels, you can buy the pallete on Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay for Β£35. 

One thing I will state is that you don’t need any primer and don’t put a lot of product on your brush as you tend to get a bit of fall out unless you intentionally want a glittery face πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. 

The six shades in the pallete are:

  • Star Light – shimmering platinum.
  • Bikini – shimmering champagne pink.
  • Skinny Dip – champagne gold.
  • Tan Lines – shimmer antique bronze.
  • Magic Hour – shimmer warm taupe.
  • Midnight Swim – glitter cocoa bronze.

Here is my swatch:

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how stunning these shades are 😍!

I cannot express to you how pigmented these shades are and for one swipe this pallete is a complete game changer!  



πŸ’œ Being By Sanctuary Spa πŸ’œ

Recently Sanctuary Spa have expanded their range and have now introduced a new collection called Being 😍.

I was lucky enough to receive a few samples from the company and I must say this is a brand to watch out for as their products smell so delicious you almost want to eat them πŸ˜‚. Also, I think the packaging for the products is super fun and quirky. 

My favourite product was the chilli mango & tonka bean body scrub which retails for Β£9. I loved the exotic blend which left my skin feeling refreshed and ridiculously smooth so this scrub gets a big thumbs up from me! 

Next up is the hibiscus & coconut water body mist which I’m already a little bit too obsessed with πŸ™ˆ. 

The body mist retails at Β£5, I’m a sucker for body mists and anything that contains coconut water is such a positive for me 😊. I appreciated the fact that the mist wasn’t overpowering but left my skin smelling lightly fragranced. 

I can’t wait to try some more products from this range and I’ve already got my eye on some of the salted caramel stuff as I can imagine that smells divine πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. 



One Night Stand πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ

Models Own have taken the Nail polish market by storm by being one of the first companies to release a mirror chrome effect nail polish that doesn’t require a gel lamp or pigment powders 😍. 

When I first saw the release for this I was so excited as the nail swatches looked amazing and so unreal. The kit retails at Β£14.99 and you can expect to receive a all in one top/base coat and the polish to create the mirror effect.

When using the polish it’s important to apply both thinly as you won’t get the desired effect otherwise and it’s also vital to make sure the base/top coat is completely dry before applying the silver polish. 

As you can see the silver polish is so pigmented and I was super excited to get this on my nails ASAP 😍

After allowing the base/top to completely dry I then applied the silver polish which I found to be quite difficult as with the brush  I wasn’t able to quite fully cover my nails without over applying the polish.

* By over applying the silver polish you will end up losing the mirror effect so it important to try and get your nails covered in a few swipes *

Here are my results:

As you can see I only managed to get a few nails that turned out decent. I’m going to be completely honest and say I don’t like this polish as when I applied the top coat it made me lose some of the mirror effect. 

Also I was a bit disappointed when I read that the polish only lasts for six hours and then it begins to fade/chip. I found my polish didn’t even last two hours before it started to go all horrible and it was so hard to remove πŸ™ˆπŸ˜©.

Overall I think if you manage to apply this polish correctly you will get the desired effect but for me personally I would be much happier if the polish would stay pn longer unless you intentionally want a quick fix for a night out or event. 



Ella + Mila Lips πŸ‘„Β 

Recently I received some lovely lipsticks and lip glosses from Ella + Mila

Ella + Mila is an eco-friendly brand that offers high end products and their nail lacquers are PETA certified. As of June 2017 the brand has now expanded their range and have now released 10 liquid lipsticks that are all enriched with Vitamin E as well as being vegan friendly too.

The lip glosses retail at $16 each and the liquid lipsticks retail at $18, I received the following shades:

  • In The Raw (lip gloss)- this shade is a pale pink gloss that in my opinion isn’t the greatest. I found the lip gloss to be quite streaky and it took several swipes to get almost even coverage.
  • Stripped (lip gloss)- this shade is a lovely sweet pink and it’s much more pigmented compared to the other lip gloss I received.
  • Aim To Please (Velvet matte)- this shade is a  mid tone cook pink and is very pigmented. I love the formula it’s so nice and hydrating on my lips.
  • Laced Up (creamy formula)- this shade is a nice berry colour and it’s so pretty 😍. This formula is different compared to the others and I found that although it doesn’t last as long it was actually the best one for my lips.
  • X On The Beach (Velvet matte)- this shade is a light brown with a slight yellow undertone to it and is my favourite colour out of all the lipsticks. 

Here is my swatch:

    I want to start by saying these liquid lipsticks/glosses smell divine and I love the strong peppermint scent it has to it. I’m not overly keen on the lip glosses as they appeared to be quite sheen and I like a lip gloss that packs a punch πŸ˜‚. 



    Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition Pt.2

    Finally I’ve received my last order from Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition and I can’t wait to show you guys ☺️. On the second restock I maneged to get:

    • Take Me On Vacation eyeshadow palette
    • June Bug Lip kit 
    • Glitz lip gloss 
    • Ultra Glow in the shade Fiji 

    I really wanted to get my hands on the Wet Set and I’m considering buying one off eBay even though they are more expensive but it kind of makes sense as time you’ve paid postage and custom fees it actually works out slightly cheaper! 

    Anyway I don’t actually know what product to review/swatch first so let’s start with the Take Me On Vacation eyeshadow palette which constians sixteen pressed powder eye shadows.

    As you can see the shades are smaller in the palette as there are so many! If I’m going to be 100% honest I’m a bit on the fence about this palette as I love the shades but there is something about the palette I don’t like but I can’t quite work out why πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. 

    The shades seem to blend nicely together and I will say the colours are quite pigmented. Although I noticed that some shades were better then the others which is because there are some shades that have  had different formulas. Here is my swatch:

    Next up is the gorgeous limited edition lip kit June Bug which is a gorgeous vibrant purple and it’s literally perfect πŸ’œ. 

    I love the shade and I’m so glad I purchased it, I really hope Kylie makes this a permanent lip kit in her range! June Bug is so pigmented so just be warned this will stain your lips which can be a positive as it doesn’t budge!

    Here is my lip swatch:

    Normally I’m not too keen on Kylie’s lipglosses and I rarely buy there but there was something about Glitz that I just couldn’t resist. 

    Glitz is a shimmering peachy gold and it’s so sparkly 😍. Here is my lip swatch:

    Last but not least is the Ultra Glow in the shade Fiji. 

    The shade Fiji is a shimmering soft gold, it is so pigmented but it literally goes everywhere as you can see in the photo above 😩.  

    When I swatched Fiji on my arm it was so beautiful but it soon rubbed off so I’m hoping when I do use it on my face it won’t smudge. Here is my swatch:

    I’m hoping Kylie will restock the Vacation collection at least one more time as I really want to get the Wet Set as I’ve seen so many gorgeous swatches I feel like my makeup collection isn’t complete without it πŸ˜‚. 



    Brushworks- Miracle Silicone Sponge πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’•

    Quite a while ago I received the Miracle Silicone Sponge by Brushworks from Catalyst PR and ever since I’ve been converted! 

    The silicone sponge retails at Β£7.99 and can be purchased at Look Fantastic

    The silicone sponge is a serious game changer and has so many benefits such as:

    • By using the silicone  sponge you are looking at saving 50% more of your product compared to using a traditional brush.
    • The silicone sponge lasts on average ten times longer then a regular sponge.
    • It’s one of the most hygienic makeup tools on the market as you can wash it after every use which means no build up of any bacteria! 
    • You can use any cream or liquid base product with the sponge.

    Overall I love love love the silicone sponge and I’m so glad I was able to get my hands on one! The sponge gave me a flawless finish and such an even coverage that is so much better then a usual sponge or brush.

     Check out my results below:

     I’m so happy with the Miracle Silcone Sponge and I love the fact I barely used any of my foundation (which is great when wearing pricey ones πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ).

     However, when using the silcone sponge be prepared that it will take you slightly longer to blend in your foundation but to me it’s completely worth it as the finish is gorgeous 😍.

    For Β£7.99 this silcone sponge is a must have in anyone’s makeup as it’s inexpensive and there are so many benefits from using this tool.



    Smile Co. London πŸ˜

    A few weeks ago I received some 100% Natural Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish from Smile Co. London and my results have been so dramatic ever since!

    The charcoal polish is made from coconut shells and retails at Β£11.99 which in my opinion makes it pretty cheap compared to other brands. 

    To use this product all you need to do is dampen your tooth brush, dip it into the polish, continually brush your teeth  for two minutes and then rinse your mouth out with water. Then viola you have visibly whiter teeth just in a matter of minutes!

    Check out my results:

    Ever since I’ve had the Charcoal Polish I literally can’t stop using it, you can see how amazing the product is as the picture above speaks for itself!