St Tropez 😘☺️

A few weeks ago I received a lovely bundle of tanning products from St Tropez Tan. Recently I’ve become a huge lover of tanning products so I was super happy to receive this bundle as I’ve never used any of St Tropez’s tanning range. 

First off  I would like to state that just because I’ve been given this lovely bundle I will still be 100% honest with my opinions as this is a review at the end of the day πŸ‘πŸΌ. 

As it’s important before you apply any tanning product you need to be sure to seriously exfoliate your body in order to get more of a even tan. Here is a detailed review of what I received:

  • Tan mitt- I’m extremely disappointed with this mitt and I would even go as far as to say this is one of the worst ones I have ever used! I’ve only used the mitt three times and it’s completely ripped, it has holes right at the top so you can imagine how orange my fingers went πŸ˜“.
  • Bronzer- I didn’t even realise St Tropez had their own bronzer and I’m super impressed with it! It’s so pigmented and the bronzer is so easy to work with, I love it! In the photo below I’ve used the bronzer and I’ve used the spray on tan.

    • Tinted Body Lotion- I don’t even know where to begin with this product as I absolutely love it! The lotion was very easy to apply and I managed to get a complete even coverage, the tan took about a hour to really work its magic and like I said I can’t fault this product. Plus with most self tanners you have to be careful as they really stink but I’m happy to say this one didn’t leave me with any icky smells πŸ˜‚. 
    • Tan Mist- I’ve never used a spray on tan so using this was a first for me, I found the application really easy but the spray was so cold that I kept getting shivers all over my body when I was spraying it πŸ˜“.  With the mist you have a choice on how intense you want your tan, I only kept mine on for a hour and you can see in the photo below that it left me with a nice golden glow.  

    Overall I would really recommend St Tropez as a tanning brand because it delivers a lovely tan, I can’t stand it when some tans send you a horrible shade of orange but with this brand I had a lovely glow and I didn’t have any nasty smells πŸ˜‚!



      Eclipse β­οΈπŸŒ™

      Ok so I know in a previous post I said I wasn’t going to purchase Eclipse well I’m afraid I had to give in πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. I just couldn’t resist the highlighter and I know I didn’t need it but it’s so gorgeous 😍!  

      I can’t get over this matte black packaging as well as the stunning holographic logo. 

      Eclipse is a iced peach shade and it’s simply stunning, yet again Jeffree has nailed the formula as it’s so pigmented 😍, here is my swatch:




      My Fillerina Journey πŸ˜ƒ

      Finally I’m so excited to share my journey with Fillerina to my readers 😁. Fillerina is a dermo csmetic filler treatment that eradicates visible wrinkles/lines without the use of needles, what more could you want?! 

      I purchased my kit from Beauty Bay in the Grade 2 strength which retailed at Β£89. In the kit you’ll receive the following:

      • 14 doses (2ml) of gel filler.
      • 14 doses (2ml) of nourishing film.
      • 2 precision applicators.

      However, there are three types of grades that you can purchase depending on how deep your wrinkles/lines are. Another disclaimer about this product is that I’ve had this for three months now and there is defiantly more then two weeks of  product then is advertised if you use it sparingly!

       I found the whole process of using fillerina extremely easy as you only need to apply the gel filler on your problematic areas for ten minutes, once ten minutes is up all you need to is pat in the remaining product into your skin. Next apply small dots of the nourishing film and massage it into your skin in upward motions, by doing this next step helps you seal in the product and leaves your face literally glowing with perfection 😍. 

      Here are my results:

      The top photo is how my forehead looked before I used Fillerina and as you can see I have some very deep frown lines πŸ˜…. The bottom photo is my result from only using Fillerina for a week (I used the application daily), I’m super impressed with the results from Fillerina and to me this is a must have product! 

      I’ve had this product for three months now and I feel the long term benefits have been astonishing for my complexion which has completely transformed since using Fillerina. I now only use this about once a month just to give my face a little top up when needed :).

      I really can’t recommend this product enough, this is a serious game changer when it comes to getting flawless skin without having to get Botox πŸ‘πŸΌβ˜ΊοΈ.



      Coconut Lane 😘

      I’ve teamed up with Coconut Lane as part of their blogger program to bring you guys the sassiest stuff ever 😍.  Coconut Lane sells so much cool stuff ranging from phone cases to awesome sweatshirts.

      I loved their range so much I ordered a sweatshirt and a ring, I’m so happy with both the  items I ordered here is what they look like:

      • Sweatshirt- ever since I received the sweatshirt I’ve literally been living in it :), it’s super comfy!

      • Ring- I’m obsessed with this ring it’s so cute, I love the fact it’s adjustable which allows you to wear it where you want 😍.

      I can’t recommend  Coconut Lane enough and if you’re interested in any of their products feel free to snag yourselves 20% off using my discount code : seldane20 .




      Nip & Fab Contour Palette πŸ˜

      A few weeks ago I was sent a beautiful contour palette from Nip & Fab who have just recently launched their own makeup range. Nip & Fab are known for their skincare range as Kylie Jenner regularly posts about their glycolic fix facial night pads (which are amazing by the way) 

      I’m so impressed with the contour palette as it offers a great range of shades so it is really easy to choose how strong you want your contour to be. Also, I found the shades to be so pigmented so be sure not to dig your brush in to hard otherwise you’ll spend hours blending your contour πŸ˜‚! Here are the results from the  contour palette, this was my first time I have attempted to contour and I think I’m now obsessed:

      Overall the contour palette gets a 10/10 from me, the shades are easy to blend and work with. I’m so excited to try the rest of their makeup range!



      Rose Gold by Jouer 🌹 

      I was so thrilled when I first saw that Jouer was releasing a rose gold range I actually stalked every photo they posted because I was immediately hooked 😍. I love rose gold and Jouer have done a fantastic job when it came to creating the range which included:

      • Rose Gold Highlighter
      • Rose Gold Lip Topper
      • Rose Gold Liquid Lipstick 

      As you guys can probably guess I only ended up buying the lipsticks because like I’ve said in previous posts I’m a lipstick junkie πŸ˜‚. I will get the highlighter when I next get paid because it’s so gorgeous! 

      Anyway here are my lip swatches:

      • Rose Gold Lipstick 

      • Rose Gold Lip Topper

      • Rose Gold Lipstick & Lip Topper Combined 😍

      Ok so how cute is the Rose Gold lip range like I’m seriously hooked 😍.  I’ve done so many posts on Jouer’s lipsticks so until I’m unsatisfied with the formula or it changes I’m not going to go into masses of detail about formula.  Although I really do recommend Jouer they have the nicest shades of lipsticks and this new rose gold one is now a firm favourite in my collection! 



      LuxΓ© Coffee Body Scrub πŸ˜

      Recently I was sent a coffee body scrub from Ayka Solutions, the scrub retails at Β£11.49 .

      I’ve wanted to try a coffee scrub out for ages so I was super happy to receive this little beauty in the post. When applying the scrub I had actually slightly dampened my skin just so the scrub would spread more easily. I must admit I found the smell of the scrub so overpowering it was so strong!

      As you can see the scrub applies really well and you only need the smallest amount! Although I really wasn’t keen on the smell of the scrub but the results I had after using this were unreal! My skin was as soft as silk and my skin looked more even it is great for stretch marks!