πŸ’—πŸ‘„Charlotte RaspberryπŸ‘„πŸ’—

My lovely sister treated me to a lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics Silver series 😍. In the silver series there are 20 new lipstick shades that have a brand new creme formula which is creamy and smooth, as well as being ultra pigmented too. Each shades retails for $17 which is a pretty decent price unlike her brush set πŸ™„.

I love the fact kylie has created these lipsticks as it’s a nice change from her usual style and I think at first look they are really pretty. I think it’s super cute the lipstick has kylie imprinted on it and I think it’s a nice finishing touch.

The shade Charlotte Raspberry is bright raspberry and I’m totally smitten with this colour 😍. Here is my swatch:

As you can see Charlotte Raspberry is super pigmented and literally this was only one swipe 😱. On my lips the formula felt so nice and made my lips feel so hydrated!

Here is me wearing Charlotte Raspberry:

I’m so living for this shade but obviously be aware that it isn’t matte so don’t expect it to stay on your lips when drinking or eating. As this is a really rich shade be warned that when you remove it does stain your lips so be sure to use a good lipstick remover.



✨ Supernova Shadow πŸŒŸ

I’m so excited to share these beautiful liquid eyeshadows by ColourPop. I’ve had them since Christmas (my boyfriend did well considering I didn’t even know about them) and I’m so in love 😍. I’m starting to really appreciate ColourPop as a brand as before I really wasn’t interested in their products but now I’ve got some of the eye products I’m really swaying towards the brand.

h supernova shadow retails for $7 which I think is really good considering Stila's liquid eyeshadow are Β£23 each πŸ™„.

Anyway I received the following shades;

  • Walk Of Fame- this is a true gold sprinkled with silver glitter.
  • Dragon- this is a copper shade with pink, teal and silver glitter.
  • Hard To Empress- this is a warm red with a gold duo-chrome.
  • Firecracker- this is a cool toned burgundy with a gold and silver duo-chrome.
  • Moonlit- a vibrant purple with pink, purple and turquoise glitter

Before I go into detail about the supernova shadows here are my swatches:

Overall I think the shades are really pretty but I found some were more pigmented then the others. Formula wise I have got to be honest do not over apply the supernova shadows as you’ll find once they’ve dried down they end up crumbling off. I’ve worn a few shades now and I think they are great value for your money but bare in mind you get what you pay for.



BH Cosmetics- The Ultimate Neutrals Palette πŸŽ¨πŸ’›

I’m super super excited to share/review my new eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics . The palette is called The Ultimate Neutrals and contains 42 shades all for $22 what an absolute bargain 😍.


The palette is so stunning and you can achieve endless eye looks with the generous mix of matte and shimmer/metallic shades 😍. I think this palette is incredible and I can’t get over the huge variety of shades the palette has to offer. Here are my swatches:

Surely the pictures speak for themselves I mean come on look at the pigment 😍! The metallic/shimmer shades are one of the best on the market in my opinion. I’m so impressed with the matte shades too as they aren’t chalky and I love the velvet formula too.

I’ve used this palette a few times now and I’m so impressed with how the shades blend and I love how you can continually build/layer each shade.

This palette is defiantly a must have and the price point is so good, so grab it whilst you can!



Naughty 😈 or Nice πŸ‘πŸΌ

Happy New Year everyone πŸ’œ I hope the first few days of 2018 are treating you all great already 😘.

On another note I finally got my Nice eyeshadow palette from Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection and I’m literally not impressed with how long I had to wait for this πŸ™„. I ordered the palette on the 22nd November 2017 and it got lost in transit, so the company sent me out a replacement and it literally only arrived yesterday 😠.

Anyway rant over let’s dive into the palette 😍.

First impressions of the Nice I think the packaging is super cute and I love the glitter on the outer packaging (the top pic). Once I opened up the box to my surprise the palette was so soft and had a velvet feel to it but I do think the palette is slightly on the small side as I was expecting it to be the same size as the Take Me On Vacation palette.

The Nice palette retails for $44 and appears to be the more popular palette compared to the Naughty palette.

The palette consists of a mixture of 14 shimmer to matte shades and I really like the range of shades in the palette. The shades are:

  • Jack Frost (satin white with gold shimmer)
  • Lullaby (matte light apricot)
  • Gumdrop (metallic champagne pink)
  • Mulberry (satin plum)
  • Holly (matte reddened orange)
  • Slay (metallic bright true gold)

  • Santa Baby (light warm taupe)
  • Blizzard (shimmering mauve with blue green flip)
  • Macaroon (matte dusty blush)
  • Miracle (matte white peach)
  • Hot Cider (matte rich chocolate brown)
  • Wonderland (matte deepened brick red)
  • Drummer (metallic reddened bronze)

I haven’t wrote the shade names on my swatch as there was fourteen shades it was nearly impossible to fit them in all in one go πŸ˜‚! But all the shades are in order and concede with the list above πŸ˜„, here is my swatch:

Here are all the fourteen shades in the palette and I’m going to be completely honest I’m not a huge lover of this palette. Don’t get me wrong I love the shimmer/metallic shades as they are so pigmented and sparkly 😍. But I’m not so keen on the other shades as I found they weren’t as pigmented and the formula looked so patchy as you can see above :/.

I’m quite tempted to get the Wet Set and the Naughty palette does anyone have them, are they worth it?



Trophy Wife πŸ† πŸ’›

First off I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year πŸ’›. I had the best Christmas ever with my partner and family I couldn’t have wished for more πŸ˜„.

I was so lucky to receive a Fenty Beauty highlighter in the shade Trophy Wife. I’ve wanted this for so long as I’ve literally seen glowing reviews about the highlighter.


e highlighter retails for Β£26 and to be fair I thinks it's a decent size but it doesn't compare to the size of Jeffree Star's highlighter which is a lot bigger and is Β£25.

Anyway I think the shade is so stunning and it's a lovely metallic gold.

Here is my swatch:

I don’t know where to begin really but I think the formula is always an important factor when it comes to a product. The formula feels really buttery but it also has a powder feel to it too and it’s incredibly pigmented.

I love the fact the highlighter can be used on your face, body and as an eyeshadow it’s perfect. I think Fenty Beauty is really taking the Beauty market by storm and it’s defiantly a brand to keep an eye on in 2018!



Red Velvet ❀️

I finally received the only item I purchased from Kylie’s Christmas collection and I managed to get this lipkit during the Black Friday sale Too for only $16.20 instead of $27 which for me it was a pretty epic bargain 😍.

The outer packaging is cute and I like the green textured glittery lips but if I’m honest it doesn’t really wow me. Unlike Jeffree Stars holiday collection the packaging had me weak at the knees and I kind of expected Kylie to up her game.

I did love the look of the wet set and her lipstick sets but I personally found them to be way overpriced and there is no excuse for her to up her prices like that. So I only ended up purchasing the lipkit and the nice palette (which has been lost in transit 😑)! The shade Red is a warm vivid red and it’s super super pigmented. I love the fact kylie has created a iconic red lipstick in the velvet formula which is one of my favorite formulas on the market.

Here is my swatch:

I love this shade so much it’s so pretty and extremely pigmented. I adore the velvet formula so much as it really makes me lips feel so soft and hydrated whilst bursting with color 😍.

Just a quick disclaimer this product will really stain your lips so beware of this. It literally took me three days to just wash the swatch away πŸ˜‚!



πŸ’œ Kylie Cosmetics- The Purple Palette πŸ’œ

I’m so happy my Purple Palette from Kylie Cosmetics has arrived πŸ˜πŸ’œ! I managed to get the palette during the Black Friday sale for $29.40 instead of the usual price of $42.

For the Purple Palette Kylie went back to her original design that is compact and chic but this time she added a mirror which I think is a nice improvement.

There are nine shades in the palette that range from shimmers to mattes and at first look they look so pretty!

The nine shades are:

  • Periwinkle (satin icy pink)
  • Trophy (pearlized bronze taupe)
  • Stone (matte cool tone taupe)
  • Lilac (matte soft lilac)
  • Amethyst (metallic purple)
  • Turning Violet (matte deepened violet)
  • Wine ‘N Dine (matte deepened plum)
  • Purple Smoke (satin purple slate)
  • Blueberry (matte cool gray)

Here is my swatch:

Ok what can I really say about these swatches, I think the photo speaks for itself πŸ˜πŸ’œ. I love the shades they are so pretty and super pigmented! The formula is one of Kylie’s best and I can honestly say they have the most beautiful velvety smooth texture.

This is a massive improvement from her last palette All I Want as for me it had so many flaws and o could’ve really done without that palette in my collection!

I think the Purple Palette is so stunning and bang on trend for this season and year. The palette is like no other and I think it is defiantly a must have.