⭐️ Jeffree Star Summer Sale ⭐️ 

So Jeffree Star dropped a huge announcement that he was reducing the price of his summer collection by 40% which is epic. So  I managed to get my hands on two liquid lipsticks from Beauty Bay but they didn’t have all the collection so I’m thinking about ordering some more bits from BeautyLish.

The liquid lipsticks were £9.60 each which is a bargain and the shades I got was:

  • You Better Work-  this is a vibrant matte purple and it’s super pigmented! I literally couldn’t get this off my lips 😂😭.
  • Hunty-  this is a matte neutral peach nude and it’s a shade that can be worn daily as it’s very natural. 

Anyway here is my swatch:

I really love You Better Work as it really packs a punch and looks great on! However I’m not a huge lover of Hunty as I have so many nude shades so similar to this and I wanted it to be more peachy then it was described.



💜Huda Beauty- Desert Dusk💜

I’m literally hyperventilating as my Desert Dusk  eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty arrived yesterday and I’m totally smitten 😍. This is Huda’s latest eyeshadow palette and it has eighteen shades ranging from eight  mattes, six pressed pearls, three duo-chrome toppers and one pure glitter which is simply stunning. The palette retails for £56 and you can purchase it from Cult Beauty.

I can’t get over the iridescent shades and how they literally glimmer the most perfect colours when the light hits them 😍. Here is my swatch:

Can  we all just appreciate the pigmentation from this palette?! The three duo chrome toppers give you the most amazing shades and I love the overall finish they give you 😍👌🏼.

I feel like I don’t want to go into too much detail with the palette because I feel the photos above speak for themselves!

As this is my first eyeshadow palette by Huda I really want to get my hands on her first one now. Do you think it’s worth it?! Comment below 😘



👄 PMD-Kiss 👄

So last week I decided to sign up to a subscription box called Love Me Beauty which you pay £8 for but with postage you end up paying £11.95 per month. 

The whole idea of this subscription is that you receive 60 credits every month which you then put towards different products that total up to your credit total. However, you can purchase extra credits but I personally found 60 credits can go a long way.

Anyway I’ve always been a sucker for lip plumpers and I was so excited to see that Love Me Beauty was offering the PMD lip plumping system for 60 credits (yes I used all my credits on one product 😂🙈)! 

The lip plumping system retails for £125 and by subscribing to Love Me Beauty you’ll save £114 on this product which is a total bargain! 

Anyway in the kit you’ll receive:

  • PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System
  • PMD Smart Lip Plumping Serum 5ml
  • Small Changeable Kisser
  • Large Changeable Kisser
  • USB Charging Cord

Before you use the plumping system you need to apply the serum to your lips and then dividing your lips into 6 sections allow the device to pulse 15-20 times per section. You will start to see your lips change and expect your results to last for two hours.

I can gurantee the product doesn’t hurt and all you feel is a slight sucking sensation where the system is pulsing on your lips! Here are my results:

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with my results and as you can see my lips look more plump and volumised. However I found the whole process a bit time consuming as the pulses aren’t very fast and it takes a while to do the whole lip evenly and effectively. 
PMD claim that with daily use of the lip plumping system in 4-6 weeks you can notice fuller lips from the increase in collagen production.



🙌🏻 Fenty Beauty by RiRi 🙌🏻

As you all must have heard Rihanna has shooked the makeup world by creating her own range called Fenty Beauty. I cannot express my delight as her range is affordable and simply beautiful, I love the fact she has put so much thought into making products to suit everyone 😍. 

Can we just all take a moment and first appreciate the edgy graffiti outer packaging it’s so cool! Then once you open the box up you get a complete contrast and the products look so classy and chic 😍. I purchased the:

  • Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in the shade Lightning Dust & Fire Crystal- RRP £26

  • Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120- RRP £24

I love everything I got from Fenty Beauty and the highlight brush is so soft 😍. 

The duo highlighter is so pigmented and one half has a creamy formula and the other half is powdery. Here is my swatch:

As you can the highlighter is so pretty and I’m desperate to get my hands on the shade Trophy Wife as it’s insanely beautiful! Also, I’ve never had a brush that picks up my highlighter so well and I love the fact you can keep building the highlighter up to your desired glow! Check out my swatch using the brush and the highlighter together:

As you can see the brush applies the highlighter so well and it’s blends so well into the skin. Both products really compliment each other and I love that they give my cheekbones great definition 😍.
Unfortunately my nearest Harvey Nichols shop is over two hours away and I’m desperate to get my hands on the Fenty Beauty foundation 😫. Does anyone know what shade I would be if I’m currently wearing Urban Decay in the shade 3.25? Please comment below 😘.



✨Sleek- Solstice✨

Ages ago I watched a YouTube video where Jeffree Star had swatched the Solstice highlighting palette by Sleek and I was amazed at how beautiful this product was! Sleek is available in Boots and Superdrug, the palette retails for £9.99 which in my opinion the price point is bang on as this is defiantly a contender for the high end brands! 

The palette consists of four highlighters which three of them are powder and one a cream. They’re designed to give you highly pigmented metallic finishes as well as creating a gorgeous luminous sheen on the face and body 😍👍🏼.

I love the rose gold packaging and I think the product overall feels very compact and not cheap.  The palette is a bit on the small side but because it’s quite cheap in price you can’t have expect too much.

Anyway here is my swatch:

Wow how crazy pigmented are these highlighters 😧?! I didn’t have to use any Primer or setting sprays I’m totally amazed. I feel like this palette is actually better then some of the really expensive brands out there and all this for £9.99 is amazing. 



💚My Roots Double Effect Experience 💚

Not long ago I was sent a a full treatment pack by Roots courtesy of Notion PR 😍. The treatment pack was for sensitive scalps and promotes hair growth as well as stronger, thicker hair.

The set retails for £24.99 which I think considering the wonders this has done for my hair is actually inexpensive. 

My poor hair has really been abused over the years due to constant heat damage, colouring and now even hair extensions. I’ve been struggling to find a product that could fix my hair and stop the irritation on my scalp.

 When having hair extensions the glue and the weight of the hair can cause irritation to the scalp and I found since using the intensive spray and shampoo my scalp has no longer felt dry and irritated. 

As I’ve only been using the hair growth conditioner for a couple of weeks it’s bit soon to say whether I’ve noticed any hair growth plus I’ve got hair extensions so it’s going to be a bit difficult to tell 😂🙈. However what I have noticed that my limp hair has become seriously thicker and overall looks so shiny/healthy. Check it out below:

Overall I would recommend the Roots treatment packs as they’ve got a nice range you can choose from to fix whatever your hair dilemma is! Plus you don’t have to buy the sets you can actually mix and match or buy the products individually.                             



Kylie Cosmetics-Birthday Edition 2017 Pt.2 🎉

I mentioned in a previous post that I was tempted to purchase some more bits from Kylie’s birthday collection. I was so chuffed when Kylie decided to have a summer sale so I managed to get my hands on the All I Want eyeshadow pallete and the mini Velvets Lipstick Set with each having 20% off them.

First off I absolutely love the packaging it’s so cute and girly, the All I Want eyeshadow palette looks super adorable and I love the nice range shades too.

In the palette there are nine eyeshadows,  one blusher and one highlighter. Here is my swatch of the eyeshadows:

I’m going to be honest I didn’t use Primer for my swatches as I want to show how the product really looks without it. I’m very disappointed with the eyeshadows as don’t feel like they were pigmented except the shade New Year New Me. 

Here is my swatch of the blusher and highlighter:

I love love love Cheers and Confetti they are super pigmented and I love the creamy formula. Cheers is a matte light pink and Confetti is a shimmering light pink, when they are paired together they make the perfect combination. 

Next up is the mini Velvet Lipstick Set which contains six shades that are in Kylie’s Velvet formula. 

I’ve only swatched four shades as I already have two of the shades in the set and they can be seen on The Vacation Collection Pt.1

Anyway the shades I swatched the set are:

  • LA- a light nude peach 
  • Party Girl- a bright hot coral 
  • Sprinkle- a vibrant plum 
  • Surprise Me- a bright fuchsia

Here are my lip swatches:

Out of the four shades I really like Sprinkle and Surprise Me. However I feel like LA is too light for my complexion and I’m not overly keen on Party Girl as it’s so bright and I think you’d see me from Mars with that shade on 😂.

Overall this collection had some bits but for me unfortunately a lot more misses. I loved the blusher, highlighter, the 20 lipkit and two of the shades from the mini Velvet set but I feel so let down with the eyeshadows in the All I Want palette.